Examples of My Work


Below are some examples of my book art.


Some are for exhibition purposes only.  Some belong to personal collections and others serve as models for reproduction. 



Title:  I Was Once Lost

An altered book portrays a middle passage ocean scene and a connection to Captain John Newton’s redemption song “Amazing Grace.” 

This piece won first prize in the 2017 juried exhibition at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center (Hyattsville, Maryland).

Title: Tricks of the Trade II

A long stitch cloth binding embodies beads, cowry shells, and textiles to symbolize some items used in the slave trade as currency.

Title:  Motherland I

An altered book depicts a traditional African hut, a place some Africans called home before capture—symbolizing peace and family unity before capture.


Title: Return No More


A theater box symbolizes the “Door of No Return,” a temporary holding place for captured Africans until their transport across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas.

Title:  Cinque I


An altered cloth binding with a fore-edge painting depicts the famous Cinque upon his return to Africa following the eminent act of mutiny he led on the Amistad slave ship.



Title: Then and Now




A pop out binding that speaks to the subject of mass incarceration since the era of slavery to present times.

Title: Human Enclosure II

A theater box representing the barracoons used to temporary jail captured Africans until enslavement and mid-atlantic transport. It also speaks to the subject of mass incarceration.

Title:  Choice and Peace


This altered book was showcased at the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, Baltimore, MD, July 1 through September 14, 2014, in the exhibit entitled, "For Whom It Stands, Too."





Title: Hidden But Not Forgotten




In Progress:

A Pop-out Binding


Depicting characters of the movie “Hidden Figures” who played the team of African American women who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the space program.

Title:  Josephine

A Pop out binding.​ A representation of Josephine Baker' life.  

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